Storm Shelters/ Safe Rooms make sense for the ones you love!


Check out this great video of our deployable shelter option.

Common sense Shelters for Home, Business, and School

For use as

  • Tornado/Storm Shelter
  • Intruder Safe Room
  • Earthquake Protection
  • Safely store vauluables and firearms

Safety Features

  • Certified to withstand F5 tornadoes
  • Meetss FEMA 321/360 and ICC 500
  • Made of 1/4" Steel
  • Above-ground shelter- Doesn't Flood
  • ATSA Listed
  • Vented hoods
  • Anchors securely to concrete slab

Why Common Sense Shelters

  • American Made
  • Economical
  • Handicap accessible
  • Installs in about any room
  • No cutting of foundation
  • No digging holes
  • Able to move the shelter, if you relocate
  • Able to grow with your Family
  • Variety of shape/configurations

School Safety

In case of an intruder at our kids schools this deployable shelter can be deployed in under 10 seconds. This gives teachers and students a safe place to go.

Choose your style

  • Stationary Units 
  • Corner units
  • Deployable units
  • Custom paint colors
  • Military grade ballistics (not available in corner unit)
  • Door with a window
  • Outdoor polyethylene coating

Keeping Loved Ones Safe

Common Sense Shelter family is in the business of helping you keep your family safe and secure in time of storms. There is no price that can be attached to your family having peace of mind in time of tornadoes. Your at work and your family is at home; a tornado is heading for your house. Where do they go? They go in a Common Sense  Shelter and are safe.

Our children should have a safe place to go when the tornado comes.

Time for Safety at School

We need to have a place for our children to go when tornadoes hit. These shelters also provide a safe place in case of a shooter was in the building.

Storm Shelters/ Safe Rooms for Businesses

We have storm shelters that are fixed or deploy  to provide a safe place for employees to go if there is a tornado or if there was a intruder.  There is a link below to see the  shelters that deploy. They come in different sizes. The biggest size can fit up to 25 adults. 


Common Sense has partnered with Hideaway to bring these shelters to our Oklahoma Schools. 

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